Dr. Yasser Dessouky

Professor & Chair, Undergraduate Program Coordinator
(408) 924-4133
ENG 485 E


Ph. D   1993  Industrial & Management Systems Engineering, Arizona State University

M.S.    1987  Industrial & Management Systems Engineering, Arizona State University

B.S.    1984  Industrial Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Consulting/Professional Experience

Applied Materials, Texas Instruments, General Electric, JDS Uniphase, Power Integration, TRW, United Parcel Service, Paramount Farms, Desert Samaritan Hospital, Ingersoll-Rand, HMT Technology, Kalkan Foods, Christopher Ranch, Popular ReCare, Pritsker Corporation.


Journal Publications

Dessouky, Y.,  Tsao, J., Patel, M., Zeta, J. and Zhou, L. (2007), “A Simulation Study of the Productivity of Large Trucks with Shorter Trailers”, International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering,2:3, 261-285.

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Refereed Conference Proceedings

Dessouky, Y.,  and Abdulrahim, S. (2004) “Lot Sizing and Sequence Dependent Setup Time for a Flowshop”,pp 762-768,  Proceedings of the 34th Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, San Francisco, CA.

Patel, M., Dessouky, Y., and Solanki, S. (2004)“Deterministic Models for Determining Air Cargo Pick-Up Schedule” pp 703-708, Proceedings of the 34th Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, San Francisco, CA.

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Funded Research Projects As PI/CO-PI

PATH - $24,888 2008.          
Developing Operating Rules and Simulating Performance for  One-dedicated-lane Bus Rapid Transit/Light Rail Systems

Summer 2008 SJSU COE Development Grant Award, $10,000, 2008.
A Solution Approach to Calculating the Carbon Footprint Supply Chain for the Electronics Industry

Summer 2007 SJSU COE Development Grant Award, $17,500, 2007.
Development of a Six Sigma Certificate to be offered by the ISE department.

Summer 2006 SJSU COE Development Grant Award, $20,500, 2006.
Developing logistics models to improve supply chain material flow coordination.

Summer 2004 SJSU COE Development Grant Award, $7000, 2004.
Determining optimal pick-up schedules for multi-time zone manufacturing.

PATH - $58,948 2004-2005. 
Automatic steering for Conventional Truck Trailers: Development and Assessment of   Operating Concepts for Improving Safety, Productivity and Pavement Durability.

National Science Foundation – University of Southern California, $3,200, 2003.
Debugging of the scheduling module for the Virtual Factory Teaching System, developed at USC, for teaching students in manufacturing, engineering, and business programs to better understand the complexities of factory dynamics.
Summer 2003 SJSU-COE Instructional Development Grant, $10000, 2003.         
Development of a supply chain concentration area for the ISE graduate grogram.

Professional Development Grant, $1500, 2002.
Purchase of the ASPROVA  high speed scheduling software.

San Jose State University – Teaching Excellence Fund, $7000, 2002.         
Development of a comprehensive case study to be implemented by the Virtual Factory Teaching System.

Applied Materials, $15,100, 2001.
Development of a model to evaluate various test strategies.   

California Workforce Initiative Allocation Funds, $10,000, 2001-2002.
Promotion of activities for increasing Industrial and Systems Engineering enrollment, retention, and graduation rate.

Society of Manufacturing Engineering, $70,000, 2000-2002
Support the purchase of capital equipment for the Microelectronics Process Engineering laboratory at San Jose State University.

NSF Undergraduate Education Division,  $478,817, 2000-2002.
Development of an interdisciplinary Microelectronics Process Engineering Curriculum that educates B.S. level process engineers for microelectronics.

National Science Foundation – University of Southern California, $20,119, 1999-2002.
Assessment of a Virtual Factory Teaching System, developed at USC, for teaching students in manufacturing, engineering, and business programs to better understand the complexities of factory dynamics.

Professional Development Grant, $1500, 1998.
Presented research work at a major conference.

Shoupp Award, $3500, 1995-1997.
Development of an object-oriented virtual factory environment for linking logic controllers with a scheduling system in real-time.


Other Sponsored Research Projects Worked On

Fund for Improvement of Postsecondary Education, 2002

Assessment of the newly established Environmental, Health, and Safety Engineering Program.


Society of Manufacturing Engineering, 1998-2000

Development of a program to create and deliver appropriately designed curriculum to enable students of diverse education backgrounds to enter either the workforce or a community college program in manufacturing information systems engineering.


Rockwell International, 1993-1994

Implemented continuous simulation constructs into a function block discrete simulation model. The simulation model is used for validating control code logic that will be implemented into an Allen-Bradley PLC.


Honeywell Inc., 1990-1994

Assisted in the analysis, modeling, and development of an object-oriented  model to support the simulation of batch and continuous processes for  operator training in real-time.


Allied-Signal Aerospace Company, Garrett Engine Division, Summer 1992

Developed an IDEF0 functional model of precision gear manufacturing. The model considered business functions starting with the proposal stage and continuing through to the fabrication stage.


United States Air Force, 1986-1987

Assisted in the technology transfer for an Air Force sponsored project known as Integrated Information Support System (IISS).