(Note at least two electives must be engineering course and all courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.)


Software Systems Engineering
CmpE 120 Computer Organization and Architecture 
CmpE 135 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
CmpE 133 Software Engineering II
CmpE 124. Digital Design I
CmpE 126 Algorithms and Data Structure Design
CmpE 130. File Processing
CmpE 138. Database Systems Design
CmpE 148. Computer Networks

SemiConductor/ Manufacturing
EE 098 Introduction to Circuit Analysis
MatE 153 Electronic Properties of Solids
MatE 141 Materials Characterization
MatE/EE 129 Basic IC Processing
MatE 130 Characterization and Analysis of Semiconductor Devices
ME 106 Fundamentals of Mechatronics Engineering
ME 109 Heat Transfer in Electronics
ME 136 Design For Manufacturability
ME 165 CAD in Mechanical Engineering

Human Factors/Ergonomics
ISE 112 Engineering Occupation and Health
ISE 114. Safety Engineering CE 170 Principles of Environmental Engineering
ISE 164 Computer and Human Interaction
Psyc 170 Industrial Organization Psychology
Psyc 173 Human Factors

Transportation and Traffic Management
CE 121 Transportation Engineering
CE 122 Traffic Engineering
CE 134 Project Management for Construction

Business Management
Psyc 175 Management Psychology
Bus 130 Introduction to Marketing
Bus 133A International Marketing
Bus 133B International Marketing: Pacific Rim
Bus 163 Management Issues in High Technology Firms
Bus 170 Business Finance
Bus 181 Introduction to Entrepeneurship


ISE Related
ISE 103 Life Cycle Engineering
ISE 110 Manufacturing Processes
ISE 197 Cooperative Education Project

ISE 160 Healthcare Delivery Systems
ISE 161 Medical Errors Reduction and Patients Safety Engineering
ISE 163 Healthcare Information Systems
ISE 166 Healthcare Financial Engineering Management