Cal/OSHA job Openings

Posted: 03/19/13
Dear Students,
Cal/OSHA just put out an announcement for openings for our Associate and Assistant Safety Engineer positions. These positions do require some safety experience, but these positions are the closest thing we have to entry-level positions. I imagine a number of students do have the experience requirements.
Applications are due relatively soon on March 22, but are relatively straightforward. Applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be put into a pool of applicants eligible for interviews.
There is no timeline yet for the interviews, but the only way to get an interview is to be in the pool. If anyone has any questions, you can always contact me. Thank you!
Please view the attached flyers for details:
(1) Assist Safety Engineer
(2) Asso Safety Engineer
(3) Miscellaneous
David David Hornung, MPH, CIH
Cal/OSHA Compliance Safety and Health Officer
1515 Clay St., Suite 1301
Oakland, CA 94612 510-622-2916